Acne Nodules; Tips and the Best Treatments

Acne affects a lot of people in the world and acne vulgaris is the most common type. Acne vulgaris presents itself in the form of lesions and the most severe kind of these lesions are nodules. Acne nodules are a different type of lesions that are hard and pus filled and they mostly occur under the skin. They are sometimes called cystic acne. This type of acne rarely responds to the common acne treatments for example Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. This is because they occur deep under the skin’s dermis. This type of acne needs specialized treatment, some of which are shown below.

Visit a dermatologist:

Acne nodules need specialized care as it’s a severe acne condition and the best treatment can only be given by a skin doctor. A dermatologist will check your skin and decide on the best medications and other treatments that will help stop your acne disorder and ensure that no breakouts will happen in the near future.

Use Accutane:

Among the strongest oral treatments for acne is Accutane. This drug works from within to make sure that acne nodules are completely eliminated from the body. But this drug can only be prescribed by a dermatologist after they carefully look at your acne’s severity – it’s given out on a case by case basis depending on the severity of your acne.

Alpha hydroxyl acid or glycolic acid:

This is a chemical peel that is usually applied by a dermatologist. It goes directly on the skin to destroy the bacteria that is in the nodule and quickly clears the lesion. It is the best treatment if you have few acne nodules on top of your skin and is often the fastest way to deal with acne nodules.

Cortisone injections:

This is yet another fastest way to deal with acne problems. It is an injection that’s administered directly on the spot specifically on the affected area. This procedure needs to be done by a dermatologist for efficiency. It works in a way that it goes directly into the nodule and destroys the bacteria that causes the problem and quickly heals the lesion.

Nodule drainage:

This is a minor surgical procedure that a dermatologist carries out to cure your acne problem. It involves cutting the nodule open and draining both the pus and the bacteria out. And after a few days the lesion heals by itself. It is a simple procedure that brings fast relief to the patient and helps deal with the problem.

Try Isotretinoin

Acne Nodules

This is a very powerful drug that can help deal with your acne disorder once and for all. It is not an over the counter drug and as such it should only be prescribed by a dermatologist. It is the best treatment for severe acne conditions. Isotretinoinis not recommended for pregnant women or kids below the age of sixteen years.

In summary, while acne nodules are a severe forms of acne, it is very important to seek the right help and get information on how to treat it quickly and effectively from a dermatologist as other acne treatments or medications may fail.

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