Facts You Should Know about Arm Acne

People all over the world are affected by acne. It is a very common skin disorder which generally appears on the face. It can also appear on different parts of the body too, such as the arms, back, chest, shoulders, legs etc. Acne on arms and back are common. It is also known as body acne.

Arm acne appears as small red bumps on the skin. They are caused when the skin pores are blocked. They generally occur near the armpits or at the back of the arms. Arm acne is mainly the result of dead skin cells which accumulates due to sweat and dirt.

It becomes very important to know the causes of this skin condition to help prevent arm acne from occurring. Some of the major factors responsible for arm acne are described below.

Perspiration or sweating

Though sweating opens the pores of your body, it can sometimes lead to irritation of the skin also. Someone, who does not take a shower immediately after exercising, can suffer with the problem of arm acne. If your skin is sensitive and you already have acne present, then sweating can make it worse. It can irritate the skin and open the pores allowing more bacteria to grow. Hot and humid weather is perfect for perspiration which can also be the cause of arm acne.

Oil-producing or Sebaceous Glands

The sebaceous glands are mostly present in the areas, such as your arms, back, and neck. These areas have more oil, which means the hair follicles present on the arms have an increased chance of getting blocked with dead skin cells which can cause skin irritation.

Rubbing or friction

Friction or too much rubbing of the skin can aggravate the present acne and make it worse. It may also be one of the reasons for new acne to appear. Tight clothes can lead to friction. Also, the strap of a purse or backpack hanged tightly may cause skin irritation and acne.

Allergy or Hypersensitivity Reactions

Allergic reactions to certain substances can also lead to arm acne. These substances can be detergent used for washing clothes, shampoo or the soap used for bathing, or any cleaning chemicals. These things can cause irritation of the skin which in turn can lead to arm acne forming.

Male and female Hormones: Androgens & Estrogens

Androgens are male hormones that cause acne to occur in areas, such as on the arms and back. These androgens make the sebaceous glands bigger as they produce excessive oil which causes the clogging of hair follicles and forming of acne.

Estrogen is a hormone found in women which can cause acne. The estrogen level of women varies during menstruation which leads to the breakout of acne, primarily on the back and the arms.

As a preventive measure, some women use birth control tablets which prove to be beneficial in some cases but may worsen the problem in other cases.

Other than the above-stated factors, arm acne can be hereditary, such as Keratosis pilaris and deficiency of vitamin D.

Preventive Measures
Here are some of the ways you can get rid of annoying arm acne.

People who are suffering from acne should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Tight clothing causes friction with the body and causes accumulation of sweat, leading to acne growth. You should wear loose and light clothes to avoid friction.

arm acne

When there is acne present on the arm, you should never use a scrub, as it will irritate the skin and exacerbate the acne further. It opens the pores for the bacteria to grow and form new acne.

If you are suffering from allergic reactions, then you should immediately wash the skin with mild soap and warm water. If needed, you should consult your doctor.

Very hot water should not be used while showering because the heat will not only inflame the skin but also will make it itchy and irritated. The skin should be patted gently after shower.

Never pick, scratch or squeeze acne on the body. It will only make the ance worse as it will open the pores.

The best method is to apply a non topical medicine, which has Benzoyl Peroxide, on the acne to stop irritation of the skin.

You can get rid of arm acne by following these simple steps and the arms can again have smooth and supple skin.

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