Say Good-bye To Dry Blemished Skin

Moisturizing skin susceptible to acne is tricky. If you don’t moisturize enough, skin feels dry and flaky. Over-moisturizing leaves it shiny and greasy. What is the perfect moisturizer for skin inclined to get breakouts?  Does it exist? Of course! Finding the right balance for hydrating a blemished complexion doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Weight of Your Moisturizer

face moisturizer acneThere are two types of acne-prone skin: Oily and dry. Acne develops when skin follicles get clogged with oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Our body naturally produces oil to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Sometimes skin glands go into overdrive and produce too much oil. This makes skin greasy and clogs pores, causing breakouts.

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to have an oily complexion to have acne. People who suffer from blemishes can have dry skin as well. Dry skin may be caused by over-cleansing or topical acne treatments – both steal moisture from skin. As a result, dehydrated skin overcompensates by producing more oil. Add dead, dry skin into the mix and you have a recipe for fueling breakouts.

A moisturizer in the form of a light lotion or serum is best for an oily, blemished complexion. These moisturizers feel lighter on skin and won’t leave your face feeling greasy. Blemished skin that is dry and flaky is better suited for a moisturizer with a heavier consistency.

Using an Oil-Free Moisturizer

It’s okay to moisturize acne-prone skin as long as your product is oil-free. In fact, it’s good for a blemished complexion. Well-moisturized skin cuts back on natural oil production that obstructs pores. Use an oil-free, water-based moisturizer made for oily or acne-prone skin. Look for moisturizers with glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture in the air and draws it to skin.

A Non-Comedogenic Solution

Keep pores safe and clear of acne-causing oil and bacteria by using a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Many are oil-free, which keeps pores unclogged and your complexion pristine. They are also free of fragrance and dyes that irritate acne-prone skin. Clean pores means fewer breakouts!

Dual-Action Moisturizers

The trick to evading dreaded acne is keeping it under control while ensuring that skin is well-hydrated at the same time. Some moisturizing products carry acne-fighting salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinol. These resilient ingredients clean out blocked pores while the moisturizer hydrates to prevent skin from drying out and flaking. The road to a clear, hydrated complexion doesn’t have to be an unappealing one. These double-action moisturizers will have you feel like you’ve been granted the solution to all your skin-care wishes.

Moisturize at the Right Time

If you use topical acne treatments in your skin-care routine, apply them first. Save your moisturizer until the very end. Using acne treatments immediately after cleansing allows their components to penetrate the surface of your skin better. Applying a moisturizer first will only create a barrier for your other blemish-busting treatments. Because topical acne treatments can be drying, moisturizing last will calm skin and reverse any dryness that occurred.

Finding the right balance when hydrating acne-prone skin will greatly improve your complexion. Based on the dryness of your skin you can determine how heavy or light your moisturizer should be. Check labels for a product that is oil-free and non-comedogenic so you won’t clog pores or irritate acne. Fight acne while hydrating by using a dual-action moisturizer. Whatever your skin-care routine may be, remember to save the best for last – your moisturizer. You’re finally on your way to happy, hydrated, acne-free skin.

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