Effective Cellulite Reducing Spa Treatments

Many women spend lots of money on spa treatments to explicitly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Many spas have begun catering to individuals who want to look better their appearance by lowering their levels of visible fat without using painful surgical procedures and skin therapies involving needles. Spa goers are attracted to these treatment methods because they are not painful and the results can be seen relatively rapidly. Spa treatments for cellulite are also inexpensive when compared to a dermatologist’s cellulite treatments, and the results provide overall better results than over-the-counter products.

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Types of Spa Treatments for Cellulite

Synergie Cellulite Treatment – Synergie massage treatments are in fact authorized by the FDA. Synergie cellulite treatments help reduce the appearance of fat and improve the overall look and feel of the skin. The Synergie cellulite treatment is comprised of a vigorous rub that’s intended to improve blood flow to the skin and firm any loose skin. The body is encased in a restrictive bodysuit, and a machine empowered massage is performed on the whole body. The machine used is powerful enough that it reaches the sub dermal layers of the skin, which is the area where the most fat and fat collect. The rub then works to break down the dead skin cells so they could be expelled from the system through the lymphatic system. Synergie cellulite treatments are often done in a series, which allows the body to adjust and rid itself of toxins in stages. Many people observe a difference with their skin with only one treatment, most people require at least five sessions before they see results.
Aqua Massage – Aqua massage is yet another popular club choice for freeing the body of fat and for enhancing the overall look and feel of the skin. This treatment uses cellulite-fighting oils along with a forceful massage in order to improve circulation up to the skin and bring the muscles closer to the skin. Once the massage is complete, hydro jets are then used to loosen fat deposits.
Endermologie – Endermologie solutions are another type of massage therapy that are non- invasive but also help to decrease the appearance of cellulite while tightening your skin. Endermologie treatments are particularly popular after pregnancy for helping to treat loose skin. Endermologie use a motorized massager that penetrates deeply in to the layers of skin to get the fats below the skin moving. After a series of these treatments, better skin complexion and tone are usually the result.

Body Wraps for Cellulite Reduction – For centuries body wraps have already been used as a kind of hospital treatment for skin rejuvenation. Body wraps help keep the skin moist and elastic and also support the natural detoxification of the body. In particular, clay and seaweed wraps have proven to be the most effective for dealing with cellulite since they cleanse the top level of the skin significantly while improving skin elasticity. When blood circulation is enhanced, the body can more easily rid itself of contaminants, giving the skin a smoother, more glowing appearance that also reduces cellulite.

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