Does Green Tea Help Acne?

Green tea acne treatment is the next big breakthrough in the acne industry!

A large and growing body of research has revealed that drinking green tea has countless health benefits. In fact, it seems like not a day goes by without some news about the discovery of a ‘new’ health benefit of drinking green tea. And the latest health problem to join the list happens to be as an acne treatment.

How Does Green Tea Help Treat Your Acne?

1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Green tea can reduce acne due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. A study found that the antioxidant power of green tea has the ability to scavenge free radicals (which damages cells and cause inflammation in the body). Furthermore, the consumption of green tea in Asia is thought to improve health conditions that are often characterized by inflammation, such as arthritis and colitis. And if you prefer topical application of green tea/green tea extracts, its soothing effect will possibly reduce redness and inflammation which is common in patients suffering from acne vulgaris.

2. Antibacterial Action

Bacteria in your skin can worsen your acne. One of the main reasons green tea is so effective in treating acne (without any side-effects) is because of its anti-bacterial quality. Whether you prefer drinking green tea or topically applying it, both methods of administration produce the same effects. If you drink green tea, it will help you in treating your other health conditions such as slow digestive system, obesity, slow metabolism, among other ailments.

3. The Antioxidant Potential

Green tea can reduce your acne as it has lots of antioxidants. How? Well, just like many fruits, green tea contains a lot of polyphenols. Polyphenols are well-known for their antioxidant potential with promising results. ‘EGCG’ is a predominant antioxidant in most types of green tea, and it’s also the most potent. In fact, EGCG has been shown to be 25-100 times more potent than vitamin C and vitamin E when it comes to antioxidant properties. Therefore, antioxidants in green tea can neutralize free radicals and prevent the damage they cause, such as increased acne and other health problems.

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How Many Cups A Day?

Experts suggest drinking 3-6 cups of green tea per day (depending on the quality of the tea you drink) to get the best results of the green tea acne treatment. But not everyone can manage making a cup of green tea that many times a day due to their busy work schedule. So, an easy way to add lots of green tea into your diet is to brew it in bulk and then allow it to cool down. Have a bottle of cold green tea in your fridge/bag and drink it in place of water. Green tea does have caffeine, approximately 20mg per glass, so monitor how much you take and how it affects your sleep.

So you now know that you can use green tea to fight acne in two ways: topically and by drinking it. However, we suggest you consult your health care expert before starting your green tea acne treatment, especially if you are pregnant or taking medication.

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