How to Reduce Cellulite Marks Using Coffee Grounds

Cellulite is a condition marked by the appearance of dimpling on the skin due to subcutaneous fat that looks like uneven lumps. Cellulite is not considered a health problem, but many people would like to get rid of it for the purposes of improving their appearance. Luckily there is a simple cellulite reducing techniques that is easy to do and convenient because you can do it at home and it’s extremely cheap: coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are great at fighting cellulite because it works to increase the flow of blood to whatever places in the body where they’re applied. When circulation is improved, cellulite begins to diminish in appearance. If this is done on a regular basis, you will notice results that last days after the application of the grounds. When you require some maintenance, just repeat the process.

coffee grounds for acne

Places Where Cellulite Accumulates

If you’re looking for some places where you can slather some coffee beans on you, here are some good locations to look for cellulite:

  • hips
  • thighs
  • breasts
  • abdomen (especially the lower abdominals)
  • buttocks

Apply the coffee grounds for 30 minutes before your daily shower.

Visit your kitchen and gather up your coffee grounds resting in the coffee filter after you’ve made your morning coffee. Moist coffee grounds work the best because they stick to the skin. While you are in the kitchen, gather some plastic wrap. Next stop is the bathroom where you’ll rub your coffee grounds into your body using a circular movement (this motion increases blood flow). Apply the coffee grounds on your cellulite areas and wrap plastic wrap around those regions to seal the grounds and stop them from falling off of your skin for a total time of around thirty minutes. Don’t seal it too tight that you restrict blood circulation. After thirty minutes, rinse off the coffee grounds while taking your bath or shower. Wipe off the grounds using a damp washcloth using a circular motion. Also try using a mild exfoliator like a loofa along with a body scrub if you wish to minimize any discoloration that the coffee grounds introduce to your skin. Consider using a dry body brush after you finish in the shower. The brush can help remove dead and discolored skin cells, and when used in a circular movement (in conjunction with the coffee grounds) can further improve blood flow to the skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite.

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