Managing Your Psoriasis

People with psoriasis often find that some things work for a while and help control their psoriasis, some things help provide instant relief, while other things they try usually only work for a short while. It’s unfortunate that most people do not have the benign form of psoriasis. That means that they have to deal with it she and dry skin that is also usually scaly. Many people with psoriasis are in a constant battle with their unpredictable flare-ups. A remission is great, but usually those remissions don’t last for long.

The Predicament of Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis causes lesions and plaques which will affect your self-esteem and your looks. Many people with psoriasis feel like it looks as if they have to wash their face properly. The scaly nature of psoriasis skin contributes to this appearance.
  • The more severe forms of psoriasis make the skin crack or even bleed.
  • Mild forms of psoriasis make someone look like they have teenage acne.
  • If you have psoriasis, try to lose some weight (psoriasis often forms in the folds of the skin). The less skin folds you have, the less likelihood of psoriasis.
  • Don’t pick at your psoriasis. If you do, you’re fighting your body at that point and only creating a situation where your skin layer is thinner than it should be.
  • Psoriasis makes it hard to wear makeup, as this can incite a flare-up. Lotions and sunscreens are also usually off-limits unless you find a psoriasis-friendly sunscreen or face lotion.
  • If you have guttate small dot lesions, pustules or intensive shedding along with redness, then I feel for you. I would suggest doing your best by wearing long-sleeve clothing to hide your lesions as best you can.

leg psoriasis

Managing Your Psoriasis

  1. Food and Psoriasis – Make sure you keep a food journal to identify what you are eating when foods trigger an episode of psoriasis so that these food items can be identified. Foods to avoid in general for psoriasis sufferers include:
    • MSG
    • sugary foods
    • acidic foods
    • high fats
    • spicy foods
  2. Skin Lotions – Find a topical solution for your skin that works. Ask your doctor when using any over-the-counter topical skin preparations and other natural skin solutions for fear of triggering allergies.
  3. Travel – If you ever go on a vacation or holiday, don’t forget to take your psoriasis care products with you. Don’t count on there being pharmacies in your vacation area that will carry the skin treatments you need. In addition, your skin may not be used to a new area where you are visiting for the first time (although lots of fresh air, sun and exercise outdoors is generally good for your skin).

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