Over The Counter Cellulite Treatments And Solutions

The vast majority of over the counter cellulite remedies can be found in the form of creams and lotions that are applied straight to skin problem areas. These items are not very well trusted with the public as the majority of creams and lotions on the market have already been proven to be useless. Many products make wild claims of rubbing on a skin treatment and then wait to have your cellulite vanish before your eyes. But once you get past some of these snake oil skin creams, you will find some of them are indeed effective.

Which OTC Products Help Minimize the Fatty Layer Below the Skin?

cellulite treatmentsOver the counter (OTC) cellulite products do not offer the same cellulite reducing benefits compared to other invasive cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic methods are more precise in targeting the subcutaneous layer of fat that is below the skin to help spot reduce fatty skin all over the body. Skin creams work by helping to break up the fat below the skin in helping make your skin’s appearance both tighter and a degree smoother. Good over the counter cellulite treatments can be separated from the bad ones by looking at the ingredients that they use. The raw herbs, vitamins and other ingredients need to work together to create the desired effect of smooth looking and feeling skin. These ingredients help to address the main problems associated with cellulite:

  • poor blood circulation to the skin.
  • an accumulation of toxins / free-radicals and other contaminants in the skin.
  • loose skin, uneven skin consistency.
  • dry / tough looking skin.
  • fat accumulation below the skin.
  • a lack of collagen that hinders skin elasticity.

Some of the better skin care ingredients needed to manage these skin problems include the following:

  • green tea extract.
  • algae extract.
  • retinol A.
  • collagen / gelatin supplements.
  • capsicum extract.
  • shea butter.
  • fo-ti extract.

Products containing these ingredients tend to be the most effective over the counter cellulite reducing products, so don’t be afraid to try a few until you find some that are able to provide some results.

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