Retinol Acne Treatments

Retinol acne treatments are powerful when milder treatments have not been effective. Retinol acne treatments contain high concentrations of vitamin A.  The high concentration of vitamin A benefits skin health and removes dead skin cells and other debris that clogs your skin pores. Apply Retinol acne products carefully and keep in mind that like any acne treatment they can have side effects.

Choosing your Treatment

Many acne treatments use retinol as a primary ingredient. Check the ingredients label to find the concentration. Most over the counter products have a 0.5% or 1% concentration. These creams may clean up your acne but if not them you may need to talk to your doctor about treatments with a higher concentration.

Cleaning the Affected Area

The first thing to do before using a retinol acne treatment is to completely clean your face. You can do this by using a mild cleanser or soap; just make sure that it does not contain alcohol.

Once you have done this, check the areas where the acne or scarring is worst. You need to clean these areas again. The reason for this is that the less dead skin and debris in between the treatment and your skin the better.

Applying the Treatment

Retinol medications sold over the counter will have instructions on them. It is very important that you follow these instructions. If you are using prescribed acne creams you need to make sure the finger you use is clean. If you have dry or broken skin you need to use a cotton swab or applicator instead of your finger so that you are not exposed to the medication. Rub the cream into the affected area until you can no longer see it.

Preventing Dryness

Dry and Red skin is a common side effect of acne treatments. People with very sensitive skin or anybody that are having these side effects can cut the severity by allowing one hour for the medication to work then applying moisturizer to their face. Use only a small amount of   moisturizer and spread it evenly, because too much can clog your pores which can undo any benefit of taking the medication.  Make sure you wear sunscreen when you are outside because Retinol is known to increase the sensitivity to the sun in some people.

Retinol acne treatments are not a miracle cure. You need to give them a least a month for them to work. This is not to say that it will not work faster. Your acne may clean up within days or may take one or two weeks. The main thing is to not be worried if you do not see immediate results.

Retinol will help reduce scarring, but you can help to speed up this process by eating a diet that has a high concentration of the vitamins A, C and E foods in it, these foods help the overall health of your skin.

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