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Medical Treatments For Cellulite

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When fat cells build-up, they press upward against the skin layer, while the connective tissues continue pulling downward. This, unfortunately, is what generates the dimpling and irregular appearance on the skin’s surface. Many people call this “cottage cheese skin” because of its irregular and rough texture. Cellulite can vary in its appearance, with mild cases… Read More »

Effective Cellulite Reducing Spa Treatments

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Many women spend lots of money on spa treatments to explicitly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Many spas have begun catering to individuals who want to look better their appearance by lowering their levels of visible fat without using painful surgical procedures and skin therapies involving needles. Spa goers are attracted to these treatment methods… Read More »

Herbs To Help Erase Cellulite

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Herbs are not only good for health and general well-being, their healing powers can also be used to help fight cellulite. Skin herbs can help the body rid itself of toxins while simultaneously increasing circulation. Listed below are some commonly used herbs to decrease cellulite. Ginkgo Biloba Ginkgo biloba is a vasodilator, and is thus… Read More »

Over The Counter Cellulite Treatments And Solutions

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The vast majority of over the counter cellulite remedies can be found in the form of creams and lotions that are applied straight to skin problem areas. These items are not very well trusted with the public as the majority of creams and lotions on the market have already been proven to be useless. Many… Read More »