Topical Skin Treatments For Psoriasis

A cucumber facial skin cleanse is something that can produce similar results to the beautician’s products that appeared to function well, but without the high prices. Many people have found that a cucumber face pack calms down their itchy skin. I myself was quite surprised and have used it several times a day to contain the psoriasis skin irritation and subdue it. A cucumber face pack is also something that you can create at home if you don’t want to buy at a store.

The Pleasant Effects of Cucumber Face Packs

The cucumber face pack had a nice effect at least on my skin. It softened my complexion and was able to be absorbed through my tough, scaly skin and moisturize it. My dry and leathery skin around my nose was being softened and moisturized. I had to remind myself that this was happening with a product was only a simple face pack. The ultimate benefit has been that I now can use face creams without my face breaking out. It is as though my psoriatic skin has been normalized and I can put regular stuff on it like other people.

Possible Burning from Cucumber Face Packs?

Just like many other products, a cucumber face pack is also capable of burning your face. It?s probably better to utilize this product in the evening as a preventative treatment rather than to expect it to perform during an active episode of psoriasis. Very few products appear to work during an active episode; if you put the cucumber face pack on your face during an active psoriasis episode, you might escalate the burning sensation which would be unfortunate. The cucumber face pack is working and doing it normal job of cleansing, but don?t forget how poor and vulnerable your skin has become because of psoriasis.

seaweed and cucumber for skin

Seaweed Face Packs

I also tried a seaweed face pack in addition to the cucumber pack. These are topical skin products that are applied directly to the skin. I put them on at night and just when needed throughout the day. It gets deep into my pores and appears to draw out the bits that are irritating my skin. Maybe it neutralizes the irritation with whatever is inside the seaweed. Once the irritation is gone, then I have my skin back to near normal again, which is a great relief.

The redness, pealing, and scales seem to disappear with a minimal amount of redness. It is somewhat drying though. For this I have the cucumber pack on top of the seaweed pack. I have also experimented with aloe vera gel, which can be useful to lubricate the seaweed pack before you remove it. As for which company makes the best seaweed skin pack, you’ll need to try various companies. Try to stick with companies that use organic ingredients. Stick with quality for the benefit of your skin and you’ll be rewarded.

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